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SERVING IN THE Golden Triangle Region

Lilian was appointed in July 2019 as CBM Field Staff serving in the Golden Triangle Region (Burma, Thailand & Laos.) Lilian’s role is to equip local pastors and laypersons through Christian education/theological training at Thailand Bethel Theological Institute. She assists local churches, organizations, and seminaries in developing training ministry in sharing the Gospel and expanding community outreach. Lilian also helps manage existing projects while identifying new and potential opportunities and updating Canadian churches. She arranges and schedules SENT teams, working with them while they are on the field.

Previously, Lilian was in ministry in Thailand for several years, leading Bible study, preaching, translating, and participating in children’s and women’s groups and serving as a lecturer at Thailand Bethel Theological Institute. She received her B.Th. from Malaysia Baptist Theological Seminary, B.A. from Kyaing Tong College, Myanmar, M.A. from Malaysia Baptist Theological Seminary, and M.Div. from China Evangelical Seminary in Taiwan.

Lilian is married to Rev. Joseph Lee, and they have a daughter Sophia.

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