For an extra healthy dose of compassion

The beginning of a new year is like being handed a book with blank pages. We choose the lines we will write through our actions. The content of the book is shaped by our faith, ideals and values. Each day provides a new opportunity.

This is an opportunity for you to bring “good news to the poor” today.

I am haunted by Jesus’ words. His proclamation seems so far away from the realities of our world. The poor of today suffer from the effects of growing economic disparity, violence and the repressive use of power, and displacement. Their families face health concerns they cannot afford to treat and are regarded as disposable people the world does not value.

Yet bringing good news to the poor drives our mission. The gospel message tells us that God’s love extends to every person regardless of their place of birth and circumstances. He calls us as his followers to faithfully witness in the most forgotten places where people long for this good news. You play an active part in bringing his hope and love to the broken and vulnerable places of our world.

Will you help us to continue reaching out to this Indigenous group by supporting community development and training programs that give people dignity and hope? We need your help to carry on this legacy of good news we share with the Kui people.

In this new year, let’s demonstrate strong expressions of faith, hope and love.

I’m asking you to play your part in bringing good news to the poor through one of these important projects I’ve shared with you. Your actions will bear witness to Jesus’ compassion for people around the world who live on the margins.

Take the rare opportunity to have your generosity matched. Your response to this letter before March 31, 2018, will be matched by a generous donor who wants to extend the impact and reach of your gift.

~Terry Smith, Executive Director

Only gifts received by March 31 will be eligible for this matching grant opportunity.


Your matched* donation will support three CBM projects that bringing good news to the poor.

Chagas Disease

The widespread nature of Chagas makes it one of the most devastating diseases in the world for the poor. About one out of four people bitten by the vinchuca insect will be infected by the Chagas parasite. There are no initial symptoms. An infected person experiences major organ failure 10 to 15 years later. Help provide prevention awareness and medical treatment to vulnerable families, as well as home renovations to Chagas-proof homes.

A Hand-up for the Kui

There are over one million Kui people in the state of Odisha. They are a tribal group with a long history of marginalization and traditionally considered to be lower than the “untouchable” caste. Many Kui villages are still plagued by extreme poverty. You can help assist the Kuis through the distribution of seeds and saplings, training on kitchen gardens and nutrition, medical care and education for girls.

Guardians of Hope

Guardians of Hope is CBM’s response to the AIDS pandemic. This program was launched because of the conviction that we should bear the burden of AIDS along with our African church partners who have seen their churches and communities devastated by the disease. The Guardians program assists HIV-affected families by ensuring secondary school fees are paid, microcredit loans are provided and emotional and spiritual care is offered.

*Up to $100,000 total.