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Matching Appeal

February 2023

Recent reports of hunger have reached staggering levels, with ten percent of the global population facing food insecurity today. The problem strikes the vulnerable the hardest.   

We serve a God who calls us to respond. Will you join us in addressing hunger in our world? With your support, we can help families put food on their tables and prevent children from going to sleep each night with empty bellies.   

Through our partnership in the Canadian Foodgrains Bank and a good friend of CBM, your gifts will be matched 1:1 with as much as a 4:1 match for some projects. This guarantees your donation will be multiplied and maximized in impact. Your support will enable CBM to help alleviate hunger in Kenya, South Sudan, Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo and Lebanon.   

If you’d like to hear how your gift helps feed families and even entire villages, click the links below for the stories of Eunice, a single mother in Kenya, or Lejimco a young man in Kenya who is helping his own family and others in the community address food security. As well, you can find out more details about an exciting new food initiative in South Sudan. 

Together we are fighting hunger in our world. Your support and prayers bring encouragement and hope to the hopeless. Please consider making your donation today. 

In faithful service,

Jennifer Lau,
Executive Director