In one of the regions of India most affected by malnutrition – where over 50% of children are anemic – CBM supports a food security and nutrition program. We have helped over 1,000 families in 36 villages grow organic rice and start kitchen gardens for a healthier, balanced diet. We also support health awareness campaigns, vital medical care and testing (including immunization for children), nutritional supplements and affordable medicine.

Meet Naresh and Kumari

My name is Naresh and this is my wife Kumari. We are nutrition volunteers and attend monthly training meetings to help others in our village.

I was concerned about my wife’s health. She was very weak and learned that she has a low hemoglobin count (an indicator of anemia). The staff told her to eat moringa leaf. They gave us vegetable seeds and fruit tree seedlings to plant a garden. My wife started to eat moringa and her health has improved.

We are happy that our vegetables are chemical-free. We learned to crush neem leaves and spray it on our plants, as well as use ash from the cooking fire and animal manure on our soil. It’s a blessing to have an organic garden at home.

We gave our first crop to the church. We also gave some vegetables to our neighbours and still had lots of eggplant, tomatoes and okra left to sell. They were very happy that we shared with them and want to try what we are doing. We will help our neighbours in the community to plant their own gardens.

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