With our heartfelt thanks…
As 2018 soon comes to a close, the Board and I want to thank you for your part in bringing FAITHHOPE and LOVE into a broken world through the work of CBM.

FAITH is a gift, but, according to Thomas of Aquinas, it is also a habit of the mind which brings eternal life in us. In our work each day at CBM, we exercise the habit of faith, and embrace it as we serve God and the gospel.

HOPE is that which we cling to in order to enjoy the goodness of God for us and for the world. In a broken world, it is easy to lose hope. But as the old English hymn says, My hope is built on nothing less that Jesus Christ, my righteousness. Seeing Messiah in the manger, we know that God took the most extreme means to save us, and we have confidence that He will continue to do so.

LOVE is faith and hope looking outward. Because God is love, we are able to embrace and serve a broken world. The greatest demonstration of God’s love is that he became a weak and helpless infant. This is our motive: to love God and love others in return.

May the seeds of faith, hope and love continue to grow in your lives, in your homes and in the world in 2019 as you continue to embrace what you believe!

In Peace & His Service,

Terry Smith

Executive Director