Are we there yet? This seems to be a common refrain when nearing a destination. Children are certainly fond of this question while trying to be patient in the back seat. The typical answer intended to stretch their patience just a little further is, “We’re almost there…almost there.” “We’re almost there” would pretty much describe where we are at in our journey toward being in Bolivia as Global Field Staff. Our journey to Bolivia began on April 22nd, 2016, when we were officially accepted as CBM GFS. Now, after nearly a year, we’re almost there.

Almost Done Visiting Churches 

We’re almost there. Most recently, we did presentations at Clive Baptist, Northmount Baptist, Trinity Baptist in Sherwood Park, Pincher Creek Baptist, Virden Baptist, First Baptist Moose Jaw, and Argyle Road in Regina. That should be the last of our church visits, except for final meetings with our supporting churches here in Calgary. We’re almost there. 

Almost There, in Our Support 

Thanks to God’s provision through the generous support of so many churches and individuals, we passed the 80% support level in January. This was the amount needed to be able to leave for the field. Of course, we’d like to see our support at 100% or more, so that is our next goal. It would be nice to have that before we leave. We’re almost there. 

Almost There, in Relation to Cardiac Rehab 

When we started this journey, we did not anticipate that I (Bill) would have some unexpected heart health issues. But I am now nearing the end of three months of rehabilitation, with excellent results so far. This week I had the final stress test. The attending doctor said I was in the top 5th percentile–lasting into the jogging stage. The heart has recovered well and we’re good to go. We’re almost there. 

Almost There. The Flights are Booked

With the faith that all is falling into place, we’ve already booked the tickets to  Bolivia. Our departure date is April 10th. All that remains now is our visas.  We’re in the process of compiling everything we need for the visas (flights, itinerary, vaccinations, police checks, letter of invitation, etc) and should be applying for them shortly. We’re almost there. 

Almost Done Saying Our Final Good-Byes 

We just returned from a trip to visit family in Manitoba one last time before we leave. We’re now spending as much time as possible with our children here in Alberta. The responsibility of looking after our house here in Calgary, while we are in Bolivia, will fall to our son Jonathan. A few more things to look after, but we’re almost there. 

Almost There, with our Partners in Bolivia! 

We’re looking forward to serving with our colleagues in Bolivia—the Soucys, the Huttons, Patty Nacho, and our Bolivian partners. They have been making preparations for our arrival. It’s actually beginning to feel like this will happen. We’re almost there.

Almost There, But Still Needing Prayer and Ongoing Support 

We continue to need prayer for continued health, for family whom we will leave behind, for the ongoing visa process, for help in language learning and in making the cultural adjustments, and for the remaining financial support to come in. Please keep praying and if you’re not doing so already, please consider supporting us financially.   

It’s been an excellent year of growth in our relationship with God as we have prepared for the move to Bolivia. It’s never easy to like Abraham, “leave your country, your people, and your father’s household” to go to a land of God’s choosing (Gen. 12:1-3), but with every ending there is a new beginning. It is always exciting to see the plans God has for us unfold where our footsteps land (Jer. 29:11). We’re convinced that this is just another chapter in the completion of the good work that God has begun (Phil. 1:6).  

We’re looking forward to how God is going to get us the rest of the way there. We’re almost there and so grateful to have people like yourselves along with us on the journey. Thank-you, each and everyone of you, for your “partnership in the gospel” (Phil. 1:3-5). We’re almost to Bolivia, thanks to you. But that is only the beginning of another journey. In relation to the goal of world evangelization, we’re not there yet. Let’s continue our partnership in mission, with each other and with our God, until we see the end in sight, and our Lord return.

About Bill & Janice Dyck


Bill and Janice Dyck currently live and work in Calgary where they are both actively involved at First Baptist Church.  Bill has been the Interim Lead Pastor since August 2014, and also continues to serve in his previous role of Pastor of International Ministries, providing support to four different ethnic congregations. Prior to that, the Dycks worked with CBM from 1999 to 2013. They were Global Field Staff in Indonesia for 11 years, training and mentoring pastors, students and church leaders.