Hola (Hi)! My name is Luis* and I am 8 years old. I live with my mom and dad and younger brother in prison. We have been here for six years already. Mom said that dad made a big mistake and had to go to prison, and so we had to go live there also. Mom worries about my brother and I growing up in prison, but she wants us to stay together as a family.

During the day, we are free to come and go from the prison. It is just my dad who has to stay inside. Life is hard for mom and dad. They fight a lot. I want them to be happy. I don’t like it when they fight. Dad is worried that mom wants to leave him and go live outside the prison. Mom is worried because soon I have to leave. A new law does not allow kids over 6 years old to stay in prison with their family. I will be going to live with my uncle.

I will miss my dad’s food. He is a good chef. My favourite food is Pique macho and Fricase (fried meat on top of French fries). He cooks and sells food to other people in prison because we need money to pay rent for our two small rooms here in prison**.

I go to school for part of the day. I am in Grade Two and like math. But I was sad that I had nowhere to play until mom heard about Casa. Now I have a nice, big place where I can play and I also get help with my homework. I also like playing football (soccer) and basketball.

I am happy that people at Casa also visit mom and dad. They are trying to help them not to fight so much. We learn many things at Casa, like how to be healthy by washing our hands and eating vegetables. We also learn about how much God loves us. Every morning I pray and ask God to help us.

*name has been changed 

**Note: In Bolivia, prisoners have to pay rent for a small space, if they want some privacy. Sometimes a cell is 1 x 2 metres. They also have to pay for their own food and other personal hygiene and family needs 

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Home Away From Home

Kids Care 2016

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