Hi, my name is Farid*. I am 10 years old. About three years ago, my family had to leave our home in Syria because of the war. There was so much fighting and bombing. We were very scared. Some children would run and hide when they heard airplanes coming.

We rode a bus for many hours until we arrived at the border of Lebanon. Along the way we saw more fighting and things exploding around us. It was a scary journey. Lebanon is now our new home but there are things that I still miss from my home in Syria, like riding my bicycle and playing in the park. My older sister misses visiting with grandfather and our cousins. We don’t have any relatives here.

My dad misses his work. He used to repair shoes but here in Lebanon it is hard for him to find a job. My dad worries all the time about having enough money to pay the rent. We have had to move several times. Sometimes my dad works in the field, picking grapes, vegetables and other fruit, but in winter there is no work for him. Many families can’t afford the rent and stay instead in tents in camps out in the fields. We live in a building that used to be a stable. It is very small and run down but we are thankful for this place.

We are so happy that people from a church visit us and care about our problems. They help families like ours in many ways, like giving food, blankets, mattresses, clothes, and even heaters and fuel for the cold in the winter. Many families have arrived in Lebanon with nothing, just the clothes they are wearing.

The thing that my older sister and I like the most here in Lebanon is our school. We like studying English and Arabic. We also like our Sunday school at church. We like learning about Jesus. My sister likes to sing. Her new favourite song is about having strength in Jesus. We are fortunate to be in school. Many other refugee children are not able to go to school and have nothing to do. We like the parties that the church arranges for all of us. We play games and there are skits and treats. It’s a lot of fun.

At Sunday school, we have learned to pray to Jesus about our problems. I pray for healing, that Jesus will heal us when we are sick. My sister prays for Syria, that Jesus will make it better so that we can return.

*Not his real name. Story based on an interview with a boy and his family along with several other refugee families who have fled over the last three years from Syria. They continue to live in Lebanon.

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