My name is Hawa. I fled war in Somalia after my mom was killed. I too was shot but survived after months in the hospital. People who helped me get to Kenya insisted that I marry a relative to show appreciation for saving my life. A few months later, pregnant with our child, my husband divorced me and returned and re-married in Somalia.

I work hard, but it’s not enough. My daughter and I often skip meals. CBM has really helped me in finding friendship, a group that I can belong to (Self-Help Groups), and skills training. I can make scarves and diras (Somali dresses). I get a share of the group business profits and am encouraged to work harder and stay committed to my group. I am also so happy that I got sponsored to do hairdressing and henna. God willing, one day I will own a salon and make enough money to provide for my child comfortably.

God is my inspiration. He always finds a way to help me. I have come from nothing and now have peace.

Hawa lives in one of Nairobi’s slums. It’s a difficult life of extreme poverty with little to no sanitation, poor access to fresh water and health care, and a high level of crime. The pressures of being a mother in such a situation are almost unbearable, but together with CBM’s Self-Help Groups, women like Hawa can meet these challenges and transform their lives.