I am eight years old. I lost my mom to AIDS. I was relieved when my sister came home to take care of me. Even my brother returned home. He had run away and was living on the streets ever since he had to drop out of school when mom could no longer afford the fees. But we are excited that Guardians of Hope will help us to go to school. I can hardly wait!

Over 20 percent of children in Rwanda are orphans due to the tragic, compounding effects of the Genocide, HIV and AIDS and extreme poverty. Many like Jeanette are HIV positive themselves. But she and her siblings courageously face their challenges because of Guardians of Hope who visit and encourage them, pay school fees, and even built a small house with a tin roof to protect from rains. They also ensure that Jeanette continues to take antiretroviral drugs for a healthier, long life.

Guardians of Hope are church-based support groups offered by CBM and the Association of Baptist Churches of Rwanda for families impacted by HIV and AIDS. Guardians provide school fees, vocational and life skills training, microcredit, access to testing and treatment, and Christian counsel.

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