I am 10 years old. I used to work after school every day, selling roasted maize and so drinks on the streets, to help earn money for the family.  It was never enough and we had li le food at home. Mom and dad often fought and let me to take care of my siblings to go to the bar. But I am so happy to get food and help with my homework and other problems at Jireh. I now only have to work on weekends.

At least two-thirds of uneducated children in the world today are girls.

There are many reasons why, but one of the biggest is extreme poverty. Families struggling to simply have enough to eat do not have the funds to send their children to school. When funds or schooling is available, male children are often given priority. Without access to educational opportunities, girls are at a higher risk to become marginalized and exploited. She is more likely to contract HIV and AIDS and has a higher chance of dying during childhood than her educated female peers. She is also less likely to own land, get a decent job, have a say in society or break out of the crushing cycle of poverty. CBM believes that gender bias in education is a social injustice. We desire to see all children have the opportunity to learn and thrive. Help us provide innovative programming where girls are given equal opportunities to develop their gifts and abilities. Help them reach their full, God-given potential.

Participate! She Matters.

Funds raised in this year’s campaign will support important initiatives such as:
• Literacy programs and support for indigenous children in India
• School fees and support for children orphaned by HIV and AIDS in Rwanda & Kenya
• Jireh, an educational centre for working children in Bolivia
• Other CBM programs which seek to equip, empower and enrich the lives of some of the worlds most marginalized children.