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BY Patty Nacho | May 12, 2022 | min read

BY Patty Nacho|May 12, 2022

min read

Hello dear brothers and sisters in Canada,
First of all thanks for taking the time to read this update! How quickly time passes! It’s amazing how we are already in the fifth month!!!

This year started in a very different way. As a family we were getting ready to celebrate the first Christmas and New Year without my dad. My dad’s absence has been felt so hard over the past year. And when we were ready to close that first year, my mom and my youngest sister got COVID for the second time. Since losing my dad to Covid, there were days with a lot of uncertainty and emotional pain. Thank God this second time their symptoms were very light, and both my mother and my sister recovered from the disease quite well.

The bible teaches us that we will have afflictions in this world, but Christ has overcome the world, and because of this, there is HOPE.

The war between Russia and Ukraine is not something unrelated to this part of the continent, and it has been a reason for prayer but also action. One of our partners (UBB) in Bolivia organized a fundraising dinner to support the Baptist Churches in Ukraine. This dinner was organized in record time and was very well received. Additionally, all Baptist churches in Bolivia were asked to make a contribution to this cause. The response has been very good and a blessing for the Bolivian Churches and the Churches in Ukraine. A great example of what the body of Christ means.

Casa Amistad, Jireh and Emmanuel Foundation

In the projects that work with children, adolescents, and young people (Casa Amistad, Jireh and Fundación Emanuel) have gradually resumed activities. It is certainly a challenge to adjust to the new normality. The vast majority of schools have resumed face-to-face classes. In a few cases, they still have virtual classes.

Chagas Project

In the Chagas project, visits are constant. Lately, the long-awaited honey has been harvested!! It has been good to support this part and even better to see the joy of the community members when they see the results after taking care of their hives.

Sixty houses will be renovated to prevent the spread of Chagas disease. These first months of the year we have been coordinating with the two communities that will benefit. This work only begins in July as, during these months, the farmers are focused on harvesting their products.

Other updates

Little by little, the volunteer program is taking shape! At the moment, Kallie Hutton’s students (CBM) are supporting the projects on certain days. The agreement with the Unión de Jovenes Bautistas de Cochabamba is being further outlined.

Likewise, I am very excited by the group of Youth from Cochabamba with whom we are reflecting on Faith and Work. Every area of our lives is important to God, and work is no stranger to this. They are eight young people, and we meet weekly.

Indeed, in our Christian walk, we have learned several things, but as we reflect, we will reach a point where we must relearn or unlearn some aspects.

Prayer Requests

  • For greater economic stability for families. The effects of Covid are still being felt.
  • For children, adolescents and young people. May this be a year of much learning, even more so with the difficult context that surrounds them.
  • For the new director of OBADES. May God give him wisdom and great intelligence in this role, and that great progress will be seen.
  • For the volunteer program. That it will soon start and take shape for the blessing of our beneficiaries and the volunteers themselves.
  • For the Food Bank. Due to the agreement that OBADES signed with the Food Bank, this aid will greatly impact our projects.
  • For the Faith and Work Youth group. That God will help us understand more of him and his restoration plan for the world using our works and talents.
  • For my family. That God continues to comfort us and fill us with the hope of glory that comes from him.


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