Gospel Camp: Göttingen, Kassel & Marburg are all University cities. The turnover of students are high. To strengthen the passion in spreading the Gospel, we have decided to host a united Gospel camp next June. (Marburg Fellowship is currently led by another missionary.) Praise the Lord, there’s already a church that committed to send a STM team to assist with the Gospel Camp. May the Lord prepare the hearts of brothers & sisters, deliver us from the attack of the evil one, & give us wisdom to seize on opportunities & testify for the Lord.

Gospel Point: There is a small town between Göttingen & Kassel called Bad Sooden–Allendorf. Population is around 6,000. It is a private university with 200 Chinese students. The lifestyle & social circles is simple & small in this town. The typical routine of a student is classes, studies, & Internet. We have a vision. If the school allows, we would like to start a Bible study group & offer some workshops. Even if the attendance is only around 10%, which is about 20 students. This is a common type of harvest field in Germany. May the Lord prepare more Missionaries & STM teams to harvest these fields in Germany.

About Lewis and Felain Lam

Lewis and Felain were appointed as CBM Strategic Associates in 2012 to join the work of the Chans and Friends of Mission to Chinese in Germany. The team ministers to the large number of students from mainland China studying in German universities, bringing the Good News and love of Jesus Christ to these future professionals who return to China upon graduation.