Executive Director

Terry Smith
Terry SmithExecutive Director

Terry has served as CBM’s Executive Director since 2016. Previously he served as the Director of International Partnerships for 12 years. As Field Staff, Terry and his wife, Heather worked in France for 20 years, with inner-city youth, urban church planting, theological education and leadership development. He has co-authored Going Global (2011) with Gary Nelson and Gord King and wrote Wordeed, An Integral Mission Primer (2012). In addition to his work at CBM, Terry has taught at seminaries in Canada and around the world in the areas of Gospel and Culture, Global Christianity and Missions. Terry and Heather, live in Mimico (west end of Toronto). They have three young adult children.

Associate Executive Director

Jennifer Lau
Jennifer LauAssociate Executive Director

Jennifer has served with CBM since 2002, primarily focusing on providing the marketing strategy and direction for all of CBM’s endeavors in Canada. As the Associate Executive Director, she is also responsible for overseeing the organization’s operations. Jennifer created CBM’s magazine, Mosaic, and continues to serve as its Managing Editor. In her time at CBM, Jennifer has traveled across Canada and to many countries around the world, seeking to connect Canadian Baptists to the people CBM serves globally. Her passion is to help people situate their own faith journeys within the global community, and encourage them to faithfully follow Jesus into the world. Jennifer is married to Chun and they have two children.

Field Staff

Pradeep Babu Gara
Pradeep Babu GaraIndia
Cheryl Bear
Cheryl BearCanada
Emad & Almess Botros
Emad & Almess BotrosLebanon
Joe Bridi
Joe BridiLebanon
Darrell & Laura Lee Bustin
Darrell & Laura Lee BustinRwanda
Jeff Carter
Jeff CarterCanada
Bill & Janice Dyck
Bill & Janice DyckBolivia
Xiaodan Gang
Xiaodan GangGermany
Dan & Melody Grove
Dan & Melody GroveCameroon
Elie & Mireille Haddad
Elie & Mireille HaddadLebanon
Brenda Halk
Brenda HalkGlobal
Tim & Kallie Hutton
Tim & Kallie HuttonBolivia
Suraj Komaravalli
Suraj KomaravalliIndia
Conrad & Fiona Kwok
Conrad & Fiona KwokEast Asia
Theo L.
Theo L.East Asia
Lewis & Felain Lam
Lewis & Felain LamGermany
Gato Munyamasoko
Gato MunyamasokoRwanda
David & Suzannah Nacho
David & Suzannah NachoCosta Rica
Patty Nacho
Patty NachoBolivia
Carla Nelson
Carla NelsonCanada
CP Raju
CP RajuIndia
André Sibomana
André Sibomana Rwanda
Ella T.
Ella T.East Asia
Bruno & Kathleen Soucy
Bruno & Kathleen SoucyLatin America
Edgar W.
Edgar W.East Asia
Jonathan Wilson
Jonathan WilsonGlobal
Michael & Melanie Waddell
Michael & Melanie WaddellPhilippines
Lilian Yang
Lilian YangThailand
Emo Yango
Emo YangoPhilippines (Based in Canada)
Yuanchuan Ye & Ming Gao
Yuanchuan Ye & Ming Gao Germany

Canadian Staff

John Chan
John ChanDirector, International Partnerships
Rob Jackett
Rob JackettDirector, Administration
Brenda Halk
Brenda HalkSenior Associate, Strategic Projects
Adrian Gardner
Adrian GardnerTeam Lead, Church Engagement
Gordon Brew
Gordon BrewTeam Lead, Content & Design
Holly Ho
Holly HoTeam Lead, Finance & Accounting (currently on parental leave)
Judy Webb
Judy WebbTeam Lead, International Programs
Robin Clark
Robin ClarkTeam Lead, Staffing & Systems
Anne Drost
Anne DrostRegional Representative, Central Canada
Dennis Shierman
Dennis ShiermanRegional Representative, Western Canada
Randy Stanton
Randy StantonRegional Representative, Atlantic Canada
Barb Keys
Barb KeysPartners in Mission Coordinator
Louise Hannem
Louise HannemYouth Engagement & SENT Programs Coordinator