Our History

Embracing Global
Since 1874

When Canadian Baptist International Ministries (CBIM) and the Canadian Baptist Federation (CBF) merged on January 1st, 1995, Canadian Baptist Ministries (CBM) officially came into being.

Since then, under the single banner of CBM, Canadian BaptistsĀ as a nation-wide community have collectively supported mission efforts globally.

The history of Canadian Baptists serving in international mission dates back to when the first missionaries were sent to India in 1874, then to Bolivia in 1898. Among the achievements of the early years in India were five hospitals, two seminaries, and several schools in addition to hundreds of churches. Early impacts in Bolivia included influence on the enactment of a Bill for Religious Freedom in 1905, creation of a pattern for land reform, defence of the rights of aboriginal people, and the establishment of schools, churches, medical clinics and a theological seminary.

CBM was among the first mission organizations to devolve properties and leadership positions to the national church in India and Bolivia. This signified a dramatic change in the role of the organization and its international staff. This proved to be a groundbreaking practice that later opened the doors for CBM to establish other significant partnerships.

The missiological (theology of mission) approach of CBM has earned the respect of many emerging church leaders in the developing world. This means that CBM Field Staff and partners contemplate evangelism & church planting, food assistance & community development and peace & justice ministries in an integrated manner rather than as independent initiatives. As an example, seminary instruction trains future pastors to engage in the work of food assistance & community development and field staff are prepared to witness to their faith and preach in local churches.