What we value

and Love

When looking to live out our beliefs, the question we should all ask is, do our values align with our actions?

Our values should direct choices and inform behaviour. They express the core of your heart. They determine the ways you interact. What you say yes to and no to. They shape the way you live and move in the world.

Here are the values that express our heart and inform our actions:

We value faith

We follow with our heart, soul and mind, the one God in three persons. We confess our faith in Jesus the Christ, God’s revelation of himself. He is everything, and he is in everything. He supplies our needs for personal, experiential faith and transformational discipleship so that we may be like him. The work of his Spirit within us.

We value hope

This happens in unity. The Holy Spirit draws local fellowships of twos and threes, and hundreds and thousands into a shared life – the means of grounding God’s presence among his people. These communities of worship are created for his mission in the world. They’re entrusted with the message of reconciliation. We boldly and confidently proclaim that Jesus Christ is the hope of the world. In him, God saves, redeems and glorifies broken people by grace, through faith.

We value love

We love God because he first loved us. He is the alpha and omega, eternal. His mission of love to build shalom – peace with justice – in a broken world. As a sign of our gratitude to him, we enthusiastically accept his invitation to join him in his mission. We are called to be global disciples, witnesses to his love and compassion.

Together, equipped with faith, we extend hope and act in love.
From this centre we move out with confidence into the brokenness of the world
with compassion, patience and humility.

Join us.
Embrace what you believe.

Our Mission

Partnering with local churches around the world
to bring hope, healing and reconciliation
through word and deed.

Our Vision

A broken world made new