Who We Work With


For over 150 years, CBM has engaged in ministry around the world through partnerships.

We believe that serving and walking alongside our brothers and sisters is essential to who we are. While working together is not always the easiest way, we firmly believe it is core to expressing authentic love and solidarity in Christian community.

CBM serves people who live on the margins through partnerships that work in two directions. Our first network of partners consists of individuals, congregations, Canadian Baptist denominations and women’s groups, foundations, and businesses in Canada who want to help address important global issues through the generous sharing of resources. Our Canadian Baptist denominational partners are:

The second network of partners is located primarily in the Global South. Each partnership has developed out of unique historical circumstances and an appeal for assistance. These congregations are often located in communities of extreme poverty and social alienation. CBM assists these local churches through mission initiatives that respond to social needs and opportunities for effective witness through word and deed.

Our Partnership Framework:

  • We work by invitation only.
  • We work by agreement.
  • We are committed to true partnership where one partner is not subservient to the other.
  • We are dedicated to developing sustainable ministries with our partners which enable them to increase their long-term capacity.