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Welcome. As a global mission organization we are committed to expressing his love through word and deed. We believe that God brings hope and healing to a broken world through local churches. Our love for God and his mission is rooted in the fact that he first loved us and rescued us in our brokenness. As a sign of our gratitude to him, we willingly and enthusiastically accept his invitation to join him in his mission to build shalom – peace with justice.

During this global crisis, we are grateful for your ongoing partnership. Together, we can continue caring for the world’s vulnerable people who have been most deeply impacted.

Grow Hope

Your gift provides a land lease, seeds, fertilizer and chemicals for a community of farmers in Canada to grow crops that will be sold to raise money for overseas food relief and agricultural development.

Solidarity Sunday

On May 3, we came together for Solidarity Sunday, a livestreamed global service of prayer and reflection. This was a special time set aside for Canadian Baptists to stand in solidarity with our global partners in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. In this troubling time, let us demonstrate compassionate engagement with the most vulnerable.

Watch Live 4PM EDT May 3, 2020

Updates from the Field

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Make a Donation

Your financial contribution will empower our work and impact the lives of those in need. Please consider how you can become a sustaining supporter of our work, people and programs.

*The donation boxes above link your donation to our General Fund. To make a specific donation please assign a designation on our donations page or enter a designation into the Additional Information box found on the page.

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