Pastor Duodu lives in the outskirts of Tachelik, the border city of Myanmar and Thailand. He has been trained by Leprosy Mission to treat leprosy. He has a heart for the remote Lahu villages in Eastern Myanmar. His vision is to do outreach in 100 Lahu villages to spread the Gospel in 10 years.

Three years have passed and he has already reached out to about 20 villages and baptized close to 400 people. He would like to bring people to Christ, provide medical help, and improve living conditions for the villagers. These villages are far up in the mountains with no electricity, limited water supply, poor sanitation, no education or medical care.

In May 2016, Conrad visited 2 villages with Pastor Duodu. Conrad was touched by his perseverance, his love for these villages and his love for God. We would like to help. We thought the immediate need for the villages was to improve their living conditions.

However, when Pastor Duodo and the local pastors were asked separately on different occasions what the primary need of the villagers were, they both stated strongly that it was a church building. This is because it symbolizes a place where people can worship and a hope for improvement that is especially important in animistic settings.

The other villagers are also watching to see what the Christians will actually do for their wellbeing. Everything starts with Jesus Christ and this is actually what they want to show non-believers. A building would also be used as a school, a clinic and local gathering place to build unity.

Praise the Lord, during this home assignment, we have already raised enough for the first building (approximately $10,000 CDN per building). There are still 99 to go! We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for those who have supported this project.

About Conrad & Fiona Kwok

Conrad and Fiona serve with CBM in Thailand alongside CBM’s Chinese Ministries team in the areas of leadership formation and community development. They work in collaboration with the Bethel Bible Institute (BBI) to provide training for young Chinese church leaders from mainland China, northern Thailand and Burma.