Father, we thank you that you are a sovereign God. We are grateful that you are in control of the political and economic situation in Lebanon. Resources are limited, small business have closed down and many have lost their jobs. We pray for your hand to be on this situation as you are our Great Provider.

In this time, let your people come to seek You even more. Help us share Your hope and light to those who are struggling because of the current situation. Lead the way for the Haddads and the whole Lebanon team, as well as local partners and churches, to explore new ways to engage those who do not know You. Help our Middle East Field Staff to act in faith as they carry out Your work.

About Elie and Mireille Haddad

Elie and Mireille Haddad serve with CBM in Lebanon as Team Leaders for the Middle East and North Africa region. They help the team reach organizational ends by directing, coaching and empowering CBM Field Staff and assisting our national partners. The Haddads’ sphere of ministry expand both on the field and here in Canada, shaping the agenda for the future. Elie also serves as President of the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary (ABTS) in Beirut, Lebanon, which equips leaders for the church in the entire Arabic-speaking world.

Meet The Haddads