(Photo above shows social distancing even in the field)

The whole world is in turmoil because of a merciless virus. It has been our habit to call for help from the north whenever Africa is hit by calamities, but now the whole world is mourning. God, have mercy on your creation!

We pray for the frontline workers, who are committed to saving other people’s lives, not only from COVID-19, but also from many other diseases which threaten us. I think particularly about my wife Elizabeth, my daughter Zawadi and her husband Albert, who work in hospitals and are in daily contact with patients. Some of us live with health workers who are on the frontlines while others have family members serving in care capacities. May the Lord protect them from contamination.

Our partners live and work in different contexts with different challenges. In South Sudan, our partners from Faith Evangelical Baptist Churches of South Sudan (FEBAC) have been struggling to feed refugees and victims of violence and natural calamities. We are grateful that the country is not yet hit so much by the pandemic, but people live in anxiety, not knowing how to cope with the new situation.

In Kenya, our partners from Africa Christian Church and Schools (ACC&S) have been struggling to help vulnerable families to improve their livelihood but now they are locked down. We pray for the field staff, who keep visiting farmers and thus giving them hope in this time of isolation.

We pray for our partners in Rwanda who cannot meet and comfort each other as they commemorate the fatal disaster which befell the country 26 years ago but whose consequences are still affecting their lives.

We pray for our partners from the Democratic Republic of Congo, as they struggle to fulfil their ministry in the midst of different calamities. In addition to COVID-19, the nation has just been severely hit by Ebola. Two days before the government announced the end of the disease, six more cases were discovered in Beni, where rebel violence has not ceased. But on the other hand, Communaute Baptiste au Centre de l’Afrique (CBCA) has to take care of the survivors of the floods which caused a lot of damages in Uvira city one week ago. The people who lost their relatives and their properties need comfort that only God can provide.

Finally, we pray for CBM and all our supporters who make our ministry possible in such a world torn apart from all sides. May God hear our prayers.


Polisi Kivava

About Polisi Kivava

Polisi is the Relief and Development Specialist for Africa, based in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Polisi’s role is to work alongside our partners in the region through oversight and support of integral mission projects and CBM’s Canadian Foodgrains Bank food projects. 

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