Polisi is the newest member of the CBM team. He is the Relief and Development Specialist for Africa, based in the Democratic Republic of Congo starting September 16, 2019. Polisis role is to contribute to CBMs overall success in the areas of Integral Mission through relief and community development and programming alongside CBM partners in the region. Polisi will provide oversight and support for the joint CBM and Africa church partners’ relief and community development projects including the CBM and The Foodgrains Bank food security projects. He will also support the CBM team and partners in hosting Canadians. Please pray for Polisi as he transitions into his new role. Pray for protection and wisdom as he works through difficult situations and environments. Pray for healing in the DR Congo as people are affected by the Ebola virus. Please say a prayer of gratitude as the number of patients and resistance to health workers are decreasing. Pray for Ebola to be fully contained.