Pray for Emad Botros


Our heavenly father, we thank you for your mercy and care. Yes, Lord, though we have been facing many challenges in our lives, your steadfast love never ceases, your mercy never ends, they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.

We are grateful to you, our Father, for the opportunity that we have to serve you here in Lebanon, as a family and an organization. We pray for this beautiful country and specially for its uncertain future. We ask you to provide direction and guidance to those who are in power. In the middle of uncertainty, give the people of Lebanon hope, peace and rest. Help them, o God, to trust in you as they think about their future and the future of their kids. Help them to hear your calm and peaceful voice in the middle of all the many noisy voices around them. Guide their steps and give them strength and courage to follow your purpose for their lives.

We lift up to you the CBM ministry in our region.

We pray for our seminary. We thank you God for leading us through this difficult time. To be able to adjust and start our new hybrid integrated theological program this week.

We lay down before you our new and current students as they attempt to adjust to the many responsibilities that they have while studying. Grant them energy and strength to pursue their studies. Help them to be able to balance work, studies and family.

We pray for the Lebanese Society for Education and Social Development and the many ministries under their umbrella. We pray especially for SKILLED as they work hard to support many families with kids that have special needs. Grant these families your patience as they care for their kids at home during this frustrating time.

We thank you for MERATH and for their relief work among refugees. We pray for refugees in this very cold season – that they are able to experience your warm love and your goodness through the kindness that MERATH shows, in your name.

We pray for CBM’s staff, programs and projects around the world – let your hand be upon the ministry all around the globe. May you bless the Canadian Baptists who continue to show your love generously through word and deed.

We want to lift up to you the CBM team here in Lebanon. We praise you, O God, for the continuing recovery of Joe and Alexi and their family. We ask you to extend your healing touch to their extended family as they fight the Coronavirus.

We want to pray for Elie and Mireille Haddad as they carry on the responsibility of leading the seminary during this challenging time. We thank you for their leadership, for the many sacrifices they have made, and we ask you God, to give them strength and protect them from any disappointment.

As a family, we count on you in this season of our lives as we carry out our responsibilities. We need your strength, power, and joy in our lives. Wrap your arms around our kids, and help them to grow in your Word and in character.

We pray all of this in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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