Pray for Emad Botros


Our Heavenly Father, we thank you for inviting us to be your sons and daughters, and not just your servants. We thank you for your goodness, mercy, and grace; they are new every morning.

We thank you for the opportunities we have to serve you alongside many CBM family members in the Middle East and the impact that is made to those in need. We praise you for your work in the lives of many especially among the Syrian and the Kurdish people. God, the needs are great to raise godly and committed leaders. We lift before you the leadership trainings that are taking place whether at our churches here in Lebanon or through the Seminary to the whole region. We pray particularly for those who serve and study as they need your divine strength, joy, and endurance so that they do not grow weary. We pray for your Holy Spirit to continue shaping their lives as they grow to be like you. We ask you, O Lord as you promised us in your word, to uphold them with your righteous hand and to use the hardships they go through to mould and shape their lives.

We remember before you our current students and graduates as they serve in different war zones, like in Syria and Yemen. Give them words of encouragement and hope to share with those who are suffering, and we ask your Holy Spirit to heal and comfort those who lost loved ones.

We remember before you Lebanon at this critical time. God, the whole country is suffering and it seems like there is no hope. But we are grateful for the various ministries of the Lebanese Society for Educational and Social Development (LSESD). We pray particularly for the food distribution projects, that they show your care and love to those who are in great need, as we are not just providing physical care but also listening to and praying with them.

We pray also for the ongoing ministry among children and youth. Many kids live under stress and pressure whether because of COVID-19, staying home, or feeling the stress that their parents are going through. We ask you, O Lord, to have mercy on these kids, bring a smile to their faces through the many creative and entertaining activities, gifts, and Bible stories shared with them.

Thank you so much for CBM supporters in Canada, who continue to embrace this broken world in word and deed. Bless the work of CBM all across the globe.

Finally, we pray for us as a family. We are grateful Lord for your work in and through our family. We ask you to give us strength, wisdom, and rest as we continue serving you through this critical time. We pray especially for Timothy and Nathaniel to continue growing in their relationship with you and to become the godly men you created them to be.

We lift before you all these prayers. We are certain that you listen and answer in your perfect time, and we pray all of this in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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