Our heavenly Father I come to thy presence with a thankful heart for your grace, protection, guidance, and blessings during this difficult time. I praise you and adore you Lord for laying down your life, showing your love on the cross, forgiving my sins, and offering salvation. Though I am unworthy, you have chosen me and accepted me as your child, and I thank you for the assurance of eternal life. Let your name be glorified through my life and the work that I do. Give me your compassionate heart  to serve the people and to seek your continuous protection and guidance as I share your love with others in my daily life.

Today, I pray for the ministry in India and the world. Let your light shine on the whole world and make the people know that you are the only one God who can save us from our sins. I pray for the partners who are ministering in rural areas and in difficult situations. Grant them wisdom, protection and provision for all their needs. I pray for the churches in Canada – for their prayers and financial support – for spreading the gospel and establishing the kingdom of God in India.

I pray for the people who are suffering from COVID-19 throughout the world. Lord touch them and heal them so that they may know that you are the true God. I pray for those who lost their family members and friends. Give them hope and comfort them in their sorrow and pain.

I pray for the frontline workers who serve the COVID-19 patients. Please give them strength, good health, and protect them from the virus.

I also pray for the youth whose dreams may have been shattered and are experiencing depression due to losing their jobs and/or educational opportunities. Give them hope and faith.

I pray for the presence of the Holy Spirit as I preach in different churches. May the Spirit work in all the minds and hearts of those who hear the word of God.

Whatever difficult situations may arise, let me not fall into temptation and slip from my faithful life. Give me the grace to follow you in all situations. Grant me travel mercies as I visit partners and churches. Finally, I seek your blessings on me and my family. I ask all these things in the name of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ.


CP Raju