Pray for Lilian Yang


Dear Heavenly Father, we come together to praise you for you are faithful to your people. You keep your promise. Your love and mercy never cease. So, we can come before you without fear and we can put our hope in you.

Lord, at this time, we would like to pray for Thailand. Thailand is facing the third wave of the pandemic right now. The whole country carries the heavy burden of fighting the pandemic. The churches have to hold services online and the schools also have to teach courses online. This is challenging all aspects of living in Thailand. We pray for your mercy and your healing be upon this country.

Lord, we also would like to remember our mission partner Thailand Bethel Theological Institute (TBTI). As the new semester has started on June 1st, we uphold every teacher and student of TBTI unto your hands. The online learning is challenging for teachers and students, especially the students in Myanmar. We pray that they will receive strength from you to overcome the difficulties so that they may be able to continue their studies.

Lord, we continue to pray for Myanmar. We pray that your peace and justice will come upon the people of Myanmar, as they face uncertainty and danger due to political situation. We also would like to pray for those who lost their love ones in the conflict, we pray that your comfort be with them. Lord, the pandemic is also worrisome in Myanmar and we pray that you will protect those are without any protection.

Lord, we would like to pray for CBM ministries and projects. We pray that you will use every ministry of CBM to embrace this broken world. We thank you for those who are generously giving to respond to the needs of the world. We pray for your blessing be upon those involved in the ministries in your Kingdom.

Lord, I would also like to pray for wisdom and good health for my family, as we need to work from home and our daughter needs to study online from home. We pray for your help as we learn, teach and preach online. We pray that we can serve you and your people efficiently no matter where we are.

Lord, even as we enter a period which is more challenging than before, we thank you for you keep the promise that you will be with us and never forsake us. We know that we are not alone as we face these challenges.

Thank you for hearing our prayer. We pray in Jesus’ name, Amen.

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