Pray for Xiaodan Gang


Dear Lord, we thank you for your faithfulness towards us. Your love and grace never ends. We thank you for the members of our group in Marburg. Each one of them is so optimistic and encouraged, living in you. Thank you for keeping them devoted in their attendance of the church groups and in fellowship.

Lord, we pray that you would continue to give us wisdom in discipling the church staff. We want them to grow in their faith and their leadership abilities. Please help and guide us. We pray that you would strengthen the believers’ faith, for their hearts to continue to beat strongly for you and to become more and more passionate for the Gospel. Lord, I pray that you would help us with the preparations as we want to start outreach once again and witness our faith to the unbelieving students of our city as soon as the pandemic situation makes it possible.

Thank you, Lord for bringing two new students to our German reading class. We pray that you would keep them interested, so that they may hear and believe the Good News.

We pray for the two Christian students that have recently returned to China and one other student, who is interested in growing her faith, but has not yet decided to follow you, as she has moved to a different city in Germany. We pray for them to find a church and support group who will help them grow deeper in faith.

We pray that you bless all of my CBM colleagues in the mission field across the world. Be with them always.

Thank you also for making our wedding on April 10 possible. Thank you for blessing our marriage. We pray that you would bless us as we start our ministry together.

Yours is the glory forever and ever. Amen.

Xiaodan Gang

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