Pray with Bill and Janice Dyck


Lord God we come before you conscious of the fact that in a world of needs you are Jehovah Jireh, the God who provides. We need food, shelter, security, peace, hope, faith, love. Your Word says that you will meet all our need according to the glorious riches found in Christ Jesus. We need you more than anything else, knowing that in you, we have everything we need.

We acknowledge you as the provider of all that we have at this moment. Knowing that you are our limitless resource, make us generous in sharing with those who still lack food, shelter, security, peace, hope, love, faith, salvation.

We pray for Bolivia. We pray specifically for our Muyurina Church who is grieving the loss of five members in the Trujillo family alone. And for 14 other families affected by COVID. We pray for the family and colleagues of national missionary Oscar Juarez who passed away recently, joining some 18 pastors who have gone before him. We pray for provision for the seemingly insurmountable medical bills incurred by all the pastors and people in general in seeking treatment.

We pray for the new president of the Bolivian Baptist Union (UBB), Lucio Arias. Grant him and the new leadership wisdom and creativity as they navigate the denomination through the pandemic and beyond.

We pray for the children who have been kept out of school for so long now. We pray for those at Emmanuel Foundation, Casa de la Amistad and Jireh project who will continue to help with children’s education.

We pray for Bolivia in general – that you would help the country overcome a third wave of infections. We pray for the continued availability of vaccines. As of last report only 7% of the population was fully vaccinated. We pray for the economy that cannot afford shutdowns, but where shutdowns are among the few things the government can do.

This week, we pray not only for Bolivia, but also for CBM’s work around the world. We pray for countries like Cuba, Myanmar and Lebanon – facing a combination of political instability, economic collapse and COVID spikes. Provide, Lord Jesus, one day at a time. We pray for India, and especially for our colleague Suraj. We pray for health for his daughters, battling COVID, even as he seeks to help pastors, churches and the country in general during a COVID crisis.

Personally, we are thankful that we are fully vaccinated. We thank you for the ability to work remotely with past and present leaders in Bolivia. We pray for healing for our daughter, Marigan, who continues to struggle with extreme fatigue after having had COVID. We are thankful that she is getting good care.

We are thankful for all of our faithful prayer and financial supporters. We are thankful for health. We are thankful for technology that enables us to be in daily contact with ministry partners in Bolivia.

Even as we pray, we thank you Lord Jesus for the knowledge that you lived to intercede for us, that you are our provider. That your grace is sufficient in all our needs and indeed, the needs of the world.

May we be at peace knowing that all our needs will be provided for. May you be glorified through our trust in you, Jehova Jireh, amen.

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