Pray with Byron Velásquez

Hola amigos, hello my friends!! I am Byron Velasquez, and I serve as the integral mission and global discipleship coordinator for Central America.

As we journey through 2022, I am very excited and expectant of what God will do this year. As mark the season of Lent, we trust in our God who sustains us.

Please pray for students and teachers returning to class after two years of online learning. I am grateful for the opportunity to meet and develop closer relationships with our partners as restrictions lift. Please pray that upcoming meetings and events will be fruitful times of learning and networking with partners.

Thank you for your prayers for CBM. Your support allows us to continue with the work that God is doing around the world and in Latin America.

God bless you and bring you SHALOM.

Prayer Points:

  • Pray for protection from COVID-19 as students and teachers return to in-person learning this year. Pray for teachers and students as they adjust to new spaces and new ways of interacting with one another. Pray that students will be equipped with the proper school supplies to succeed in their learning. Pray for CBM’s Mount Sinai Comprehensive Support Program for Children, which provides tutoring and educational materials for children in Guatemala.
  • Please pray for upcoming training events in Guatemala with our new partners. Pray that these events, such as the leadership exchange, will help them understand integral mission and build new capacity.
  • Pray for pastors who have started a shepherding group of pastors. Pray that these pastors will be blessed and encouraged by their fellow pastors. Pray that this group will multiply and continue to bless leaders as they serve in their communities.
  • Pray for a group of leaders who are learning and reflecting on the importance of integrating faith with daily work. Pray that they will be inspired to share what they have learned with those around them.
  • Pray for the new projects that are beginning in Guatemala this year. Pray that the implementing local churches take ownership of the projects and use their local resources.
  • Pray for new training opportunities for local churches. These training events grant churches the ability to increase their capacities to be agents of transformation in their communities.

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