Dear Heavenly Father,

We praise you because You are our God. Your love, your faithfulness and your promises never fail, and you are the same yesterday, today and forever.  We give thanks to you for your protection during this difficult time.

Today, we come before you first to lift up the Chinese Ministries Team of CBM and the ministries in Germany, Hong Kong and China. We pray for all the members and their families; especially for those in Germany as the COVID cases are surging. God please grant them good health and protect them during this pandemic. Also give them energy and wisdom as they serve. Even though there is all this uncertainty in the world, may God open doors, so that the Gospel will reach the mission field according to your will.

We pray for political stability in Thailand, as recent protests against the government have escalated. Pray that the government and people can humble themselves and work together to find a peaceful solution.

We pray for Myanmar where the COVID cases are surging, and they lack good medical resources. People have lost their jobs and have no money to put food on the table. We pray that more churches will extend their helping hands to the needy community.

We pray for the ministries in the Golden Triangle. We pray for our partner, Thailand Bethel Theological Institute. As the border of Thailand is still closed, students in Myanmar and other countries cannot return to the school. We continue to run physical and online classes at the same time. We pray for God’s wisdom as teachers teach and students persevere in learning through all the challenges such as poor internet connection and pressure to earn money to support the family. As of today, a few students have already dropped out temporarily. We pray, almighty God, please keep and sustain them, so that they will return when the border is reopened and will continue to serve you.

We pray for Operation Dawn Drug Rehabilitation. Protect the participants as they go through the rehab program. We pray for those who have committed to serve you and are currently studying in the discipleship training center. May God protect them, guide them, sustain them and lead them not into any temptation.

We pray for the Lahu community up in the mountainous region in Myanmar. Pray for our partner Pastor Duodu and his team. Praise the Lord – as of today, over 400 Lahu peoples were led to Christ. May God continue to use the team to accomplish the vision that you have laid in their hearts. May your name be glorified.

We also pray for CBM colleagues and the work around the globe, especially for our new Executive Director, Jennifer Lau. Grant her the wisdom and guide her as she leads the organization.

Thank you, Lord, we pray all this in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Conrad and Fiona Kwok