Pray with Conrad & Fiona Kwok


Dear Heavenly Father, 

We praise you – you are yesterday, today, and forever the same. Your love never fails. Thank you for giving us the power to pray. 

Today, we would like to lift up Myanmar in our prayers. Father God, please have mercy on this suffering country. Since the coup in February, this country is in its darkest stage. There are protests against the military regime and civil wars happening in many parts of the country. The people of Myanmar have lost their lives, their jobs, and their homes. At the same time, the COVID situation is also very challenging. There is not enough testing, not enough vaccines, not enough doctors, and medical supplies. People are dying because of COVID.  

Father God, we pray for peace and healing upon Myanmar. May your will be done upon this suffering country. We pray for your intervention so that the military will stop oppressing their own people and the civil wars will end. We pray for Your churches in Myanmar. May you give them strength and courage to face this dangerous situation. May your love be shown to the hurting families through your churches. May this also be an opportunity to share the gospel and may many people turn to God for comfort and help. May the name of Jesus Christ be lifted high.  

We also pray for those who are helping at the frontlines. Please protect them. 

We pray for the COVID situation. We pray that Myanmar may get more vaccines and help from other countries, so that people can get protection from this virus. We pray for doctors and nurses and all the frontline medical staff as they continue to work through this pandemic. Grant them courage and give them good health. 

We pray for the students and alumni of Thailand Bethel Theological Institute (TBTI). May your love and comfort surround them. Grant them courage and wisdom so they may persevere through this darkest time.  

We pray for our field staff, Joseph and Lilian as they minister and support workers in Myanmar. Give them good health and enough energy to work through this difficult time.  

Thank you Lord, we know no matter how difficult the situation is, you are King forever. Your love and faithfulness never fail. You are with us all the time.  

May your name be lifted high and thank you for listening to our prayer. We pray all this in Jesus Name. 



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