Pray with Joe Bridi

Dear brothers and sisters, greetings from Lebanon. I wish you all a blessed new year and pray that you may experience the love and grace of our lord as you serve Him.

We are grateful for 2022, and the blessings God has showered us with. We are thankful to you all, for your prayers and your support to the ministry of CBM throughout the world and specifically in the MENA region.

We are grateful for the many opportunities God is giving us to partner with local churches in our region as they bring healing and peace to the broken communities that they are part of.

Prayer Points:

Please pray:

  • Lebanon’s political situation has reached a deadlock. The parliament hasn’t been able to elect a new president, and the caretaking government isn’t able to meet and deal with urgent matters.
  • Pray for the thousands of families struggling to meet their basic needs for food, medicine, and heating during the winter season in Lebanon.
  • Pray for a peaceful transition to a civil government in Sudan as an agreement has been reached, but it is still awaiting implementation.
  • Pray for the local church in the MENA region as it carries the gospel of love and peace to the hopeless and the broken.

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