Pray with Joe Bridi

Marhaba – greetings from Lebanon. My name is Joe Bridi and I serve as the Ministry Development Coordinator for the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region. The economic and political crisis within my country continues to make life hard as our currency is constantly devalued, and prices for gas, food and necessities are soaring. Since the parliamentary elections in May, no government has been formed leading to complete paralysis in public administrations. Many families struggle to register their kids for school as tuition has increased at least three times from what it was before 2019. Amidst all the darkness around us, we are witnessing a spiritual revival as the Church in Lebanon is faithfully and actively serving its community. People are responding to the gospel as it is being shared in both word and deed.

Thank you for your faithful prayers and support.

Prayer Points:

Please join me in thanksgiving for:

  • The new opportunities God has given the church in Lebanon to reach out to their communities with the Gospel.
  • The work of the Holy Spirit all throughout our region as we see thousands from different religious backgrounds come to Christ.
  • The positive impact of the projects supported by CBM have on communities and churches in Lebanon, Egypt, Sudan, and Morocco.

In prayer for the following:

  • The Church in Lebanon as it tries to serve the most vulnerable.
  • For Sudan, for political and financial stability.
  • The church in Sudan as it reaches out to the lost and vulnerable relentlessly despite the dire economic and political situation.
  • For the MENA team (Elie, Emad, and Joe) as we travel to Egypt and Sudan in October and will be met by John Chan, to engage in talks about partnerships with the Baptist Convention in both countries.

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