God of Life and Love, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, we give you thanks for the gift of life this day, for the love that is your life and for the love which gives us life and sustains it, even beyond our deaths.

I give you thanks for the good work that you have given me through CBM and our members in Canada and partners around the world. Be with me as I grieve the loss of travel and face-to-face gatherings with our partners in Africa, the Middle East, Latin America, Europe, and Asia. Give me discipline, stamina, and wisdom as I write to support CBM’s partnerships in integral mission, theological education, marketplace witness, and leadership formation. May I be guided by the Spirit into the creativity and beauty that marks your work in the world.

May I have words of encouragement and insight and good counsel as I mentor some of those who are serving you at CBM, our Canadian members, and our partners. May I draw my life from you, O Lord, so that I work not in my own strength and wisdom, but in yours.

O God, may I have the courage to receive and pass on your wisdom, which may seem so foolish in this upside-down world. May I have the eyes of faith to see this world right-side-up in Jesus. With those eyes of faith may I also bear witness to the hope, the sure future of your creation in new creation. And may I love you, other humans, the rest of creation, and even myself in light of that new creation.

Father, I pray that you will continue to give me health and energy day by day and that I will be faithful each day that you give me to live. Help me to be content in you and accept my limitations and weaknesses. Forgive my sin and foolishness and restore me each day to follow Jesus.

May my love for your people grow and may I serve Christ by serving his body.

And so we pray for our brothers and sisters around the world who live each day uncertain of enough food and clean water for that day. We pray for those who lack sufficient shelter. We pray for those whose hearts are broken as they care for those in great need. We also pray for those who live in the midst of danger and hostility. Give them wisdom and courage. We pray for our partners with whom we work to raise up leaders for a new generation of faithful witness and discipleship.

God, we know that we are weak and lacking the wisdom for the work to which you have called us. We rejoice that we are yoked with Jesus and that by the power of his resurrection and the Holy Spirit we may join you in bearing witness by word and deed to the new creation, where there will be no more tears, no more pain, and no more death.

And so we pray “Maranatha.” Come, Lord Jesus.

Jonathan Wilson