Pray with Joseph Lee


Dear heavenly Father,

We adore you. May glory be to you, the highest in the heavens, and peace to those on whom your favour rests.

Father, we pray for the country of Myanmar. Myanmar is still under political unrest and the safety of people is challenged by this civil war and the pandemic. People are suffering mentally and physically. During the Christmas season, some local churches have been trying to share the gospel in their community. We pray that you will set the people in Myanmar free when they come into the truth.

Lord, we would also like to pray for Thailand. The Thai government is trying to increase vaccination rates and trying to open up the country. We pray for the nation’s leaders to have wisdom in dealing with the situation.

God, we pray for our mission partner Pastor Thaw Thu and the team. Please protect them and strengthen them as they travel to the villages to provide medical care and share the gospel to the villagers.

We also would like to pray for CBM mission partners around the world. May your peace be with them. We pray for every brother and sister who supported CBM’s ministry. May your blessings be upon them.

God, we thank you for you always remember your servants and grant them wisdom and strength when they are serving the people in need. We thank you for your grace is always sufficient for us.

This Christmas, we pray for joy to be upon those we serve and those who partner with CBM. May Jesus’ light bring hope to all.

In Jesus’ name, we pray, amen!

Pray for the Philippines

Last December 16, 2021 super typhoon Rai swept across the Philippines’ southeastern islands, causing almost half a million people to evacuate their homes. The death toll has risen to almost 400, with 500 injured and 56 still missing. Rai is considered the most powerful storm to hit the tropical nation this year, decimating farmland, fishing boats and homes. Communication and electricity lines are down and the food supply is dwindling.

At one point, Rai was a category 5 storm, moving across nine different landmasses, leaving a massive trail of destruction in the provinces of Cebu, Leyte, Bohol, Surigao del Norte, popular surfing destination, Siargao and Dinagat Islands.

We pray for those who have lost their loved ones, homes and livelihood. May God comfort, provide and protect those who were affected by this devastating calamity.

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