Pray with Laura Muema

Hello friends, I am Laura Muema, and I serve as CBM’s Program and Sent Coordinator in the region of Africa. I come alongside CBM church Partners in the implementation of joint projects, resource Partners’ staff and CBM colleagues in project Monitoring and evaluation. I also work with the CBM team and Partners to host Canadian SENT teams in the field. I work in Kenya, Rwanda, Congo and South Sudan in the areas of Gender, Women, Youth and Children. I invite you to pray with me for peace in Congo, South Sudan, and Kenya. Please continue to pray for fruitful relationships between all of the local churches and partners that we work with.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support. May God bless you.

Prayer Points:

Please pray: 

  1. Pray for peace in countries experiencing conflict and unrest – Congo, South Sudan, and here in Kenya where I live. Currently, we are in the post-election period where we usually experience tension due to the history of post-election violence. We still have conflicts with the elected leadership and those who did not win the elections. we have no certainty of peace until the courts decide. We do have hope however that the peace of God will reign over Kenya and other conflicted countries in Africa.
  2. Pray for knowledge, wisdom and understanding while working with staff from Local churches and partners. Pray that we will continue to form good relationships with partners in order to build trust in local communities.
  3. Pray for provision, guidance and protection for SENT teams, especially during this pandemic/post-pandemic period. Pray that travelling opens up and opportunities for SENT teams to visit will become available.

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