Pray with Lewis, Felain and Caleb Lam


Dear Heavenly Father, we come together to praise you for you are the faithful One. You are our rock, our fortress and our deliverer. Your love and mercy never cease. As your children, we come before you without fear and we can always find hope in you.

Lord, we pray for the Chinese ministry in Germany and the spiritual growth of the believers. We are in the fourth wave of the pandemic. Most newcomers prefer not to attend church in person, and they are not interested in the online gatherings. May the Lord prepare those whom you have chosen to come and know you. Meanwhile, graduates are leaving for jobs in bigger cities. We see a gap in ministry resources at church. Lord, we rely on your mercy to strengthen the faith of believers and the hearts of your followers. May we all be willing to commit and build an intimate relationship with You, during this challenging time in ministry.

Lord, we want to remember our partners in other CBM ministries. Under the global risk of the pandemic, may your mercy be upon countries like Thailand, Myanmar, the Philippines, and Africa. Many local pastors in these regions have passed away during the pandemic. We share the sorrow of their families and congregations. May the Holy Spirit bring peace, comfort and hope to them. Different regions are experiencing different challenges and changes in ministry. Lord, please bless them with your grace and wisdom, so they may have strength and courage to continue to seek your will and respond to your calling.

Lord, we also pray for our own physical and spiritual health. Caleb will enter university and residence in September, which marks a new milestone. May God prepare a spiritual network for him, and bless him with a desire for your Spirit, and to stay close to your heart. Please grant us a short rest in Toronto. May our strength be revived in the peace and silence, in preparation for the long journey ahead.

Lord, we thank you for your continued guidance and protection, in good times and in bad times, in certainties and in doubts. Your ways are higher than our ways, be it at home or in our ministry. You are our Lord, our King.

Thank you for listening to our prayer. We pray in Jesus’ name, Amen.

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