Pray with Lilian Yang

My greetings to all of you! The Golden Triangle is celebrating the thanksgiving season, with many churches thanking God for their harvest and praising Him for His provision and protection throughout the year.

Another year of challenges has nearly come to an end. In spite of these difficulties, God’s mercy and love for his people continue to amaze us. God is faithful to his people. As we worked with local ministries this year, we saw God’s guidance and His love.

This is also the time when we plan for next year. We are excited about the mission projects in Golden Triangle as they continue to grow. This year, we have begun a new project in Myanmar. This is a sewing training project for women in Myanmar. The purpose of this project is to empower women with sewing skills and provide them with more employment opportunities. A class of 12 women has been in session since October.

A new project will also be launched with our partner Operation Dawn in Northern Thailand next year. We are supporting local rehabilitation ministries and discipleship training through this project.  It is exciting to see how God will use this project to bless people.

The border between Thailand and Myanmar remains closed. Myanmar’s political unrest continues to challenge its people. There are still about 50% of TBTI (Thailand Bethel Theological Institute) students that must attend classes online. The second semester of TBTI began in October, where we continue to train young Christians for their future ministries.

Please join us in prayer to thank God for His faithfulness. And I would like to invite you to continue praying for us and our ministries in the Golden Triangle. Through the link, you can find out more prayer requests. I appreciate your continued prayers and support. May God bless you all.

Prayer Points:

Please pray:

  • Please pray for the country and people of Myanmar, that God’s mercy and peace come upon them.
  • We need your prayers for our new sewing training project in Myanmar. Please pray that every woman who receives the training will be able to access better job opportunities. As our partner Pastor James runs this project during a challenging time, please pray for his safety.
  • Please pray for 2023 mission projects in the Golden Triangle. Through these projects, may God’s will be accomplished and His name be glorified.
  • Please pray for our new Operation Dawn project as it assists people in overcoming drug addiction and strengthening their faith through Discipleship Training.
  • Please pray for the development project for Lahu villages in Myanmar. Pray that more villages will be able to access the Gospel and live in better conditions.
  • Please pray for TBTI. As the second semester begins, pray that God will give wisdom and guidance to all teachers and students. Pray that God will strengthen local theological ministries to train more young Christians.
  • Please pray for my family and me as well. Please pray for us to have good health and wisdom as we serve with local churches and organizations in order to make a difference through our ministries.

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