Pray with Lilian Yang


Lord, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth! You have set your glory in the heavens. All the creatures shall worship you and praise you. May your name be lifted high in all nations.

Lord, I come before you and pray for the country of Myanmar. This land has gone through a long season of suffering. You love Myanmar and you care for everyone in this nation. Recently, the political unrest continues to challenge the safety of the people. The pandemic has also spread throughout the country. I pray that your justice and your salvation be upon this land. I also pray for your healing to be with those who are infected by COVID. The schools in Myanmar have been closed for two years. Children have no opportunities to learn. Lord, I pray for your protection and help unto those children in need.

Lord, I pray for our ministries in Myanmar – the Lahu project. The villagers are facing difficulty because the rain has washed away their crops which were ready to be harvested. I pray for Pastor Thaw Thu and the team, that they are able to travel safely on each trip to the villages carrying the gospel and the supplies to help the villagers. Lord, please grant them strength and good health to be able to bless more Lahu people in the region.

Lord, I would like to pray for Thailand. The leaders of the country decided to open up the country for tourism on November 1st. This decision has made the majority of people in Thailand worried. Currently, the vaccine coverage rate has not reached 50% of the population. I pray for your mercy upon Thailand, that the country’s leaders will have the wisdom to make good decisions during this unusual time. I also would like to pray for the safety of the students as the schools in Thailand as they gradually reopen for in-person class.

Lord, I pray for our mission partner Thailand Bethel Theological Institute (TBTI). The second semester has started in mid-October and all the teachings will be done online. I pray that every teacher and student of TBTI will have strong faith in you and have the strength to overcome every difficult circumstance during online classes. I pray especially for the students in Myanmar, for your protection over them as they are living in high-risk areas of COVID.

Lord, I pray for CBM mission partners all over the world. I pray that you will show your love and mercy to the world through our mission partners as collectively, we embrace this broken world. I pray for your blessings be upon our donors.

Lord, I would like to thank you, for you never forsake your children. Even in the dark days we still can hope because of the light that is in you. May your children continue to glorify you with the witnesses they bear.

Please listen to our prayer, Lord. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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