Pray with Michael Waddell

Hey everyone, 

My name is Michael Waddell and I work with CBM. 

Over the past couple of weeks during Prayerline, my colleagues have invited you to pray for all things ‘work’, or more specifically, for work, and for workers. Today I want to ask you to pray for workplaces. 

I’m here in my brother Jeff’s warehouse, and as you can see, he sells windows and doors for the residential housing market. As you might expect, his work is in full swing right now as homeowners and building contractors take full advantage of the summer months to get their building projects complete. 

So, as I’m here in the workplace representative of workplaces all around the world, I’d like to invite you to pray for places of work here in Canada and around the world. Workplaces, in all their many sizes and forms, provide people with space to do their work, producing products and providing services that contribute to the flourishing of individuals, families, and communities. 

We’re thankful today, for people of faith who enter workplaces, whether as business owners, employees, clients, or customers, attentive to the fact that, in that place of work, they can participate in God’s redeeming work for all creation. 

Prayer Points:

Please pray: 

  1. Give thanks to God for employers, business owners and entrepreneurs who create safe workplaces and provide employment opportunities. 
  2. Many people work in dangerous or unsafe work environments. Please pray for their safety and long-term protection from illnesses connected to unsafe places of work. 
  3. Pray against workplace corruption and corporate greed that lines the pockets of the rich and disregards the needs of the poor and vulnerable. 
  4. Pray against exploitation in the workplace, especially in places where children are demoralized and forced to work for little pay in inhumane spaces. 
  5. Pray against gender biases, discrimination, and abuse of any kind in the workplace. 
  6. Lastly, please pray for people of faith who walk into workplaces all over the world every day for work. May they discover the wonderful opportunities that their workplace provides to demonstrate the gospel to their customers, co-workers, supervisors, and bosses, through their work. 


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