Pray with Patty Nacho

Hello and warm greetings from Bolivia!

I am Patty Nacho, serving in Bolivia as a Program Officer in Latin America.

Thank you very much for blessing us through your prayers and through the warm emails I receive from you.

As we continue this year, there are some prayer requests I would like to ask you to pray for. Pray for the well-being of children as they return to school this week. Pray Especially for their health as we have entered the 5th wave of Covid, and cases are rising in Bolivia. Please pray for each person who is involved with our projects. Pray for the emotional, physical and spiritual well-being of them and their entire family. Please pray for our partners in Latin America as they begin to make plans for the coming year. May God continue using their lives to bring hope to the communities they serve. Pray for me as I step into my new role in CBM as Program Officer for Latin America. May God help me to serve with integrity and love as I work with each of our partners.

Thank you again for supporting God’s work in Latin America and around the world.

May God overflow you with blessings.

Prayer Points:

Please pray:

  • Children, adolescents and young people just finished winter vacation and returned to class on Monday. There is some uncertainty as Covid cases are increasing. May God protect us from infection in this new wave.
  • The staff of all the projects are without a doubt passionate and dedicated people to the service of the most vulnerable. May God give them good health and much strength to deal with the challenges they face.
  • Our partners are in the process of starting the projections for 2023, God through his Holy Spirit may guide them so that they continue to share the hope of Jesus with their communities and make lasting and sustainable change.
  • Almost a month ago I happily started a new role at CBM as the Program Officer for Latin America, so please pray that God will give me the wisdom and intelligence to take on every responsibility and challenge that comes with this new role. May God help me to have the perspective of Jesus Christ in every situation.

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