Lord, who is in Heaven, thank you for being our Father, the best Father we could ask for. You are loving, patient, and protective.

Our God, today we want to express to you what is in our hearts, which you already know, but which we are glad to say to you audibly as a sign that you are a Father who inclines his ear to his sons and daughters.

We beg you to protect us from any attack by the enemy. Help us to overcome our sins.

We ask for protection against COVID and for healing, strength and provision for those who are affected by it.

We ask you to give us wisdom to support our partners in Bolivia. Give us strength to continue caring for each one of the children that partake in our programs. Oh God, give us the love of Jesus as we walk with our partners.

Please Father, give a lot of strength to those who are in charge of each project, give them restful breaks every night. May you be the source of peace in their lives.  Pour your creativity on them, since as a result of the pandemic, many things have changed and led to significant adjustments.

Abba, I pray for my family. Oh God, what could be better than knowing you? If we have you, we have it all. And that is why I ask you to help my family to look for you in their daily lives. May you be real for them every day.

I also pray for the work that CBM is doing around the world, may you bless the work of each Field Staff’s hands, as well as those who are based in Canada. We thank you for the Canadian Baptists that allow you to use them to show your love, hope and light through their generosity, service and prayers.

Thank you for  always listening. Thank you for being a strong tower and help and comforter.

We pray all of this in the name of our beloved Saviour Jesus. We pray in his merits. Amen.

Patty Nacho