God, our Father,

We praise you because you are our Creator. We are grateful that you have called us into your ministry and we feel blessed to work with partners in the field. We thank you for your love which unites us as we care for the needy and the vulnerable.

People are not only suffering from hunger but also from the adversities of natural and human made calamities. In addition to the horror caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, we are working in the context of violence and armed conflicts in Africa. We sometimes fail to reach some of our beneficiaries for fear of being kidnapped, especially in Eastern Congo and South Sudan. We pray for peace so that your word may be proclaimed without hindrance and your name be glorified.

We pray for CBM as an organization concerned with the wellbeing of all human beings, especially the most vulnerable. We pray particularly for the churches in Canada and the CBM donors and partners who willingly deprive themselves of their properties so that mission work may be carried out successfully and reach out to the people in need. Keep the fire of your love burning in their hearts so that they may continue to embrace a broken world in word and deed.

We pray for the people implementing different projects on the field so that they may help to bring about change in the lives of your people. We cannot forget the participants of the different projects. Let them grow not only materially but also spiritually so that our mission may be a living testimony of your love in action.

We pray for our partner churches and their leaders as they struggle to bring your light to the world. During this time of pandemic, many pastors are desperate because they have nobody to care for them. Let the Holy Spirit keep them strong so that they may continue to rely on you for their livelihood and keep committed to your work.

We cannot forget our field staff. We need to remain in good health as we are exposed to different climate changes and diets while visiting our partners. Keep our families strong during the occasional times of separation as we share your love with our partners in different areas. Father, we commit into your hands all the global and national field staff scattered all over this broken world to bring your light. We also commit into your hands the staff based in Canada who coordinate the different activities implemented for the glory of your name. We pray for the unity of the Church. As Jesus prayed in John 17:2, let “all of those who believe in you be one”.

We believe that our prayers have been answered because we pray with faith in the mighty name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.