Pray with Polisi Kivava


Dear God,

Creator of Heaven and Earth, we praise you for your unlimited love for us. It is because of that love that you created us in your image, the image of love. Our prayer is that we may learn to love one another as you love us.

When you call us for your ministry, you send us to share your love among people without discrimination against tribe, colour or religious belief. But we are living and working in a context of violence, where hatred and selfishness prevail. Hundreds of people are losing their lives every day in South Sudan and Eastern Congo in a fight for power or resources.

In addition to war and conflicts, people are facing also natural calamities such as floods in South Sudan and a volcanic eruption in Congo, as well as the trauma caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. We are grateful that vaccines are now slowly becoming available in some of these countries and that a number of people are ready to receive the vaccine without resistance.

We thank you that in the midst of despair, you call people to keep your ministry alive. We are grateful that churches, schools and other social institutions which were closed in many countries are slowly opening. We keep praying for a lasting solution to the pandemic, including both physical and spiritual healing.

We thank you for CBM and partners in Canada for answering the call to be the tools that you use for your ministry through their contributions and prayers. We know they also have their own challenges. That is why we ask for your blessings on them so that they may not get discouraged.

At this time, partners are planning next year’s projects and we pray that they may be guided by the Holy Spirit. May you help them identify the real needs of the beneficiaries and find appropriate solutions. Some of them are struggling with internal structuring problems. Let those challenges not deviate them from their primary goal of ministering to the needs of vulnerable people.

We pray specifically for the new food security project that started recently in Kenya and those we are preparing for in Rwanda, Congo and South Sudan. May those farmers serve as your instruments to feed the hungry and meet their basic needs!

Finally, we pray for our partnerships so that it may keep growing stronger, resting on mutual love.

We pray in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

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