Pray with Rob Jackett

Hi, I’m Rob Jackett Senior Director of Finance and Administration for Canadian Baptist Ministries and Canadian Baptist Pension and Benefits.

Thank you for continuing to be faithful in your prayer and financial support during these challenging times. We cannot do the work that God has called us to do without the support of individuals, churches, and communities like you.

As pandemic restrictions lift across Canada, please pray for the continued health and safety of the nation. Pray for our partners around the world who continue to lack access to vaccines. Please pray for the finance and admin teams as our year-end comes to a close. Finally, please pray for peace as political tensions flare and simmer, both in Canada and abroad.

As we move into the Lent season let us be cognizant of Christ’s presence and redeeming power in a broken world. Below, you will find a list of items you can be praying for this week. May God bless you.

Prayer Points:

  • Pray for CBM, our Canadian partners and our international partners as the finance and administration teams finalize our year-end reporting. Pray for staff as they diligently prepare documents and reports for audits and statutory meetings. Pray that these meetings will run smoothly.
  • As provincial Governments continue to ease restrictions across the various regions in Canada, pray that openings will be smooth, that citizens will continue to use caution and that the COVID-19 virus will not inflict any further damage to human flourishing.
  • As restrictions lift in Canada, many around the world do not have the privilege of having access to vaccines. Pray that vaccines will be made available to those in need in the countries in which we work so that CBM can resume a more normal programming routine.
  • We are thankful for the peaceful resolution of the Ottawa blockades and trust God for peace and reconciliation in our nation.
  • We mourn the crisis in Ukraine and pray that diplomacy and negotiation will lead to a solution that results in long-term peace. (Please see below for a special section dedicated to prayer requests for Ukraine.)

Pray for Ukraine: 

  • Pray for the people of Ukraine – for those in shock at this sudden and violent violation of their country – that they will be able to seek safety and know the comfort of God’s presence.
  • Pray that peace would flow through this country and through this region and that together we would walk the path of peace.
  • Pray for Baptists in the region, as they prepare to use their churches as safe havens and emergency supply distribution points for those fleeing. Please pray that God gives them wisdom in an ever-changing situation.
  • Please pray for a peaceful solution to this conflict, which follows on from eight years of violence in the Donbas region. Pray also for awakening in the hearts of people, for them to come to Christ.
  • Please pray for those affected by the conflict no matter their nationality or religious affiliation.
  • Pray for Christians throughout Ukraine, that God would protect them and use them to care for their neighbours during this time of fear and insecurity.
  • Pray for wisdom, grace and peace from the international community as it assists the Ukrainian people.
  • Pray that God will redeem this tension by drawing many people to himself and that Ukrainians and Russians discover that Jesus is the only true source of peace, safety, comfort, truth, and freedom.
  • Pray for a culture in which political disagreements do not lead to hatred or violence.
  • Pray for families, especially those families that have members on opposite sides of the border, and that love for one another will supersede political problems.
  • Pray for children and other vulnerable people to be kept safe.
  • Pray for the coming days, that there will be enough food, money, fuel and resources in the country for ordinary citizens.
  • Pray for those who are fleeing across the country, that their paths will be clear and they have places to rest. Pray also for neighbouring countries, some of whom have already begun preparing to receive refugees – that they will welcome and care for those who choose to flee across borders.
  • Pastor Igor requests that we pray for his fellow pastors to “keep believing that God will be glorified”.

For more details and the opportunity to support relief efforts, click here:

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