Pray with Suraj Komaravalli

Greeting in Christ’s name. I am Suraj Komaravalli and I serve as CBM India Team Leader. I advance Integral Mission strategies through church-based transformational ministry in India. 2022 was full of uncertainties and struggles as our partners worked to recover from the effects of the pandemic. Nevertheless, in the valley of darkness, our Lord had been so gracious to uplift us and lead us to re-examine and recommit ourselves to him. We thank God that our India Partners could implement their projects and see a positive impact in the lives of the beneficiaries and communities. We also thank God for new Partners in Nagaland for 2023 – Chuchuyimlang Baptist Church through a sports ministry project and Chumukedima Baptist Church through a human trafficking project. Please pray that in 2023 our India Partners could serve in word and deed through their respective programs – rehabilitating and transforming victims of human trafficking, the Ao Tribe widows, Alcohol addicts, and unemployed youth; capacity building and networking of India Partners; and strengthening of church pastors, youth, women through Integral Mission, leadership development and modern trends in Theology workshops. Please also pray for new and ongoing Sustainability projects of Clark Theological College (Poultry, Piggery & Coffee plantation), Soura Baptists (SBCMS) (Goats & desktop publishing business) and Oriya Baptists (UBCA) (Sheep & Desktop publishing) to generate income for scholarships for poor students to pursue theology, nursing and allied medical courses. Finally, pray for peace and understanding in our area. Your kind prayers and support for CBM’s Ministries in India are much appreciated. Blessings!

Prayer Points:

Please pray:

  • Pray for new partners in Nagaland – Chumukedima Baptist Church, who serve to rehabilitate and transform the lives of broken trafficked women, and Chuchuyimlang Baptist Church to empower youth through sports ministry (football) as a source to better jobs for livelihood.
  • Pray for Partners in Nagaland – Alempang Baptist Church, Yimyu Baptist Church and Sungkomen Baptist Church, as they jointly partner with CBM to help impoverished Ao Tribe Widows become self-reliant and work to earn income for their families.
  • Pray for India Workshops:
    • Workshops on Integral Mission for local churches to address brokenness and its consequences
    • workshops on Capacity Building and Networking to develop leadership and strengthen the execution of projects and networking between partners.
  • Pray for the following Sustainability Projects:
    • Clark Theological College (Poultry, Piggery & Coffee Plantation) for generating scholarships for poor students.
    • Soura Baptists (SBCMS) (Goats & Desktop printing business) for generating scholarships for poor students and income-generating projects for Soura Widows.
    • Oriya Baptists (UBCA) (Sheep & desktop printing) to run youth tutoring & computer training programs and generate scholarships for poor students.
  • Pray for the well-being of donors, Baptist churches and Conventions in Canada, and those who prayerfully come forward to support the ministry in India financially.

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