Pray with The Bustins

Hi. I am Darrell Bustin. My wife, Laura Lee, and I live in Rwanda and serve as global field staff in east Africa. Today, we would particularly ask you to pray for CBM’s partners in this part of the world:

  • In the eastern parts of the Democratic Republic of Congo, terror and violence are being experienced at the hands of the rebel group M23, which has effectively isolated the city of Goma. Unrest and violent protests have also been occurring within the city. Pray for our two partners in that area as they try to live as light in the midst of great darkness.
  • What is happening in DR Congo has also led to heightened tensions between them & Rwanda. This presents some challenges as CBM seeks to minister in both countries.
  • In Rwanda, an important General Assembly for CBM’s partner, the AEBR, will be taking place in the coming months. The denomination’s leadership for the next five years will be chosen, among other things. Pray that the Holy Spirit grants wisdom as people make this significant decision.
  • And in South Sudan, flooding, drought and the devastation of decades of war are worsening the humanitarian crisis. Additionally, the fragile peace agreement from 2018 is being threatened. Pray for FEBAC, CBM’s partner there, that they may be ambassadors of peace, hope and love to those around them.
  • And while not facing a crisis, we also remember and appreciate our Kenyan partner, ACC&S, who continues to serve God with faith and integrity. As always, we are grateful that you are taking the time to be informed about the needs here in east Africa and committing to pray for them. May God hear our prayers.

Prayer Points:

Please pray:

  • Pray for the CBM’s SENT ministry, as short-term teams have started again. (That’s a reason for a big cheer!) It takes a lot of planning and preparation for the teams and those organizing them (like Laura Lee), but they are definitely worth it. Their impact can be life-changing for all involved!
  • Remember Darrell and the various teaching opportunities that will arise. Pray that what he says will be practical and helpful and that language barriers will be minimal.
  • Please lift up before God our African partners:
    • CBCA and CEBCE in DR Congo live surrounded by great insecurity and suffering due to rebel attacks, tribal tensions and social unrest.
    • AEBR in Rwanda will be selecting their denominational leaders to take them into the next five-year period.
    • FEBAC seeks to lead their congregations in South Sudan facing hunger, loss and uncertain security.
    • ACC&S in Kenya who are committed to planting churches and deepening the faith of their people.
    • All these brothers and sisters need our prayers and support even as they continue to pray for us as Canadian Baptists!

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