Pray with the Huttons

Hello friends, We’re Tim and Kallie Hutton, Global Field Staff with CBM in Bolivia. The new year comes with a new vision that brings hope and anticipation. It also comes with new challenges to take on. Whether we are facing opportunities or trials, we need and appreciate the prayers of our churches in Canada. Please pray for our mission and community development partner Obades as they take advantage of the Bolivian summer vacation to plan and prepare for another year of ministry. This year will bring some new projects done in collaboration with churches that we hope will bring new life and strengthen ministries. Pray also for the Bolivian Baptist Union as they, together with all their institutions, are developing ministry plans for the next five years. These plans will provide vision and guidance to churches, the seminary and Obades as they do kingdom work together for God’s glory. Thank you for praying with us. May God bless and keep you.

Prayer Points:

Please pray:

  • Pray for Obades as they head into a new year of Ministry. The beginning of the year, which is Bolivia’s summer vacation, involves lots of planning and preparation. The staff are busy visiting beneficiary families, inviting new children from the prisons and community to participate, connecting with communities, and planning for new strategies and initiatives.
  • Pray for the new projects we are undertaking this year. The first involves training across the country in how the church can respond to familial violence, empowering seven regions to set up shelters for emergency housing for women and children fleeing domestic violence. The second initiative aims to work with children’s projects in churches to equip them with small lending libraries and train staff to communicate to families the importance of reading for early childhood development.
  • Pray for the Bolivian Baptist Union, the Theological Seminary, and OBADES as they develop their integrated strategic plans for the next five years. These plans will affect our partners’ direction and define their vision. Pray for the Spirit to give guidance and wisdom.

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