Pray with the Lams

Dear Friends of Canadian Baptist Ministries, Thank you for your support throughout these years. It is great to share our prayer items with you. We are Lewis and Felain. We are serving in Germany to reach out to the Chinese diaspora. First, thanks to God for the last Christmas Gospel event. We reached out to over 50+ new seekers. During the altar call, 6 of them responded and put their faith in Christ. Praise the Lord!! Also, there were another two seekers turning to Christ through personal evangelism in December. Then we started our basic Christianity follow-up course right away for them to strengthen their beliefs. Please pray for the growth of their spiritual life so that they can stand firm in their faith. Second, several seekers regularly attend our Bible study group and church activities. Please pray for the Holy Spirit to move in their hearts so they can find the true light through Jesus Christ. Lastly, please continue to pray for our physical, mental, and spiritual health in order to have the strength to keep up with the ministry serving in the upcoming Easter Discipleship Camp and Pentecost Living Camp. Thank you again for your continued prayers & support.

Prayer Points:

Please pray:

  • New Committee: We did not have any new committee members for two years to support the student ministry in Göttingen. Thankfully, we have new student believers who have aspired to grow & have a passion for serving. The new committee is very fresh & requires a lot of training. Please pray that the new members will learn quickly and integrate well within the group.
  • Pray for the upcoming Easter Discipleship Camp and Pentecost Living Camp. Pray that this event will bless all those who attend and bring them closer to God.
  • Caleb is going to complete his Winter semester at the end of April. He will start his summer research & intensive summer course. May the Holy Spirit guide his mind and soul. May he be heedful in his deeds, reverence God in his life, and build an intimate relationship with Christ!

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