Pray with the Lams

Hello friends,

My name is Lewis Lam. Felain and I serve in Germany as the Strategic Associate. Many Chinese students and scholars go to Germany to enrich their education. The majority of them had never heard the Gospel. We commit to evangelize, nurture and make disciples so that they will become greatly influential in their community, workplace and church. Thank you very much for your continued support in both finances and in prayer these past 8 years. We deeply appreciate your love and faithful support to CBM’s ministry in Göttingen and Kassel.

Please pray for physical and emotional health during the pandemic. The number of cases in Germany may reach a new peak in February. Please pray for the ministry in Göttingen and Kassel. Lastly, please remember our family and pray for our well-being.

Your prayers uphold us as we serve with CBM. Thank you very much and God bless you!

Prayer Points:

  • Please pray for physical and emotional health during the pandemic. As the Omicron is highly infectious, Germany’s daily case number has surpassed 240,000! Worship and Bible Study groups in Göttingen and Kassel have been continuing for almost a year via a hybrid model of online and in-person gathering. We are thankful that Germany permits churches to remain open so that congregations can meet in person. This has allowed us to gradually rebuild bonds amongst church members. On the other hand, we continue to pray for God’s protection during our in-person gatherings. May our Lord heal the friends who have tested positive for COVID-19 and bless them with a quick recovery. Please also remember those who have lost their beloved friends during the pandemic. May they experience God’s presence and comfort during their time of grief.
  • Please pray for the ministry in Göttingen and Kassel. A large number of believers and core group members had left Göttingen and Kassel because of graduation and work. As a result, the participation rate at gatherings and in ministry has dropped significantly. Under the uncertainties of the pandemic, there are a lot of challenges in ministry and a significant shortage of resources. May the Lord have mercy and raise up believers who are willing to commit, serve, and grow in spiritual maturity, with a mindset to unify the body of Christ.
  • Please remember our family: Lewis continues to work in Germany. Felain is staying in Toronto for a while due to health reasons and is working remotely. Caleb is studying at Western University. Our family of three lives in three different cities. May we continue to rely on God’s presence and His abundant grace to fulfill His plan for us.

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